Webinar: Simple Steps to Self-Care for Educators

What are your current self-care practices? Do you take time to look inward to see what’s driving your outer responses to what’s happening around you? What can you do to balance yourself when the world around us seems out of control?

For many educators, burnout is at an all-time high and self-care is painfully absent.

We spend quite a bit of time thinking about how we’ll raise the next generation to be better than we’ve been.  It seems in today’s time we see more challenge, more addiction, more children struggling, and more heartbreak.  When we can better understand what’s happening inside of us, we can better understand what’s happening with the children in our classrooms.  We can then use this knowledge and practice to create classroom cultures and climates that allow space for children to learn to do the same.

Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Amy Speidel as she explores what our current practices of self-care look like, how we respond to thoughts and emotions and how to move toward healthy self-care and self-regulation practices.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:22 Why has self-care become so complicated
  • 02:55 Commitment for the webinar
  • 03:46 Overview picture of today’s topic
  • 05:41 What is self-care
  • 07:45 “Hazard light” for the body
  • 09:51 Ideas for fueling with food
  • 11:06 Improving sleep and exercise
  • 12:50 “Hazard lights” for mind and emotions
  • 14:22 Why we turn to stuff when emotions arise
  • 17:49 How to move from distractions to noticing and acknowledging our feelings
  • 22:00 When flood moments arise
  • 23:24 Is it a distraction/addiction or not?
  • 27:04 What is it when emotions show up all around us?
  • 29:55 Learning the language of our emotions
  • 30:50 “Hazard lights” for our spirit
  • 33:44 Shifting from judgment to noticing
  • 35:46 Example of living out our values
  • 37:55 How we take this information into our teaching experience
  • 42:37 Taking a look at how we build classroom culture and climate
  • 46:59 Resources for building the culture and climate we want vs. the one we inherited
  • 49:15 Summary of what’s been shared
  • 53:02 Steps toward beginning healthy self-care

Resource Mentions

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