Webinar: Power of Intention from the Becoming the Best You Can Be Series (7 of 7)

Have you noticed in some classrooms or homes the same child experiences the same consequence over and over without changes in their behavior ever occurring? Ineffective consequences discourage children and adults.

Traditional discipline methods rely on fear and carry the intent to punish. Conscious Discipline relies on love and the intent to teach. In Conscious Discipline adults see mistakes as opportunities to learn.  Utilizing discipline moments as teaching moments requires we manage our upset first. When we fail to manage our upset first, our focus shifts to the problem/what is wrong which then shifts our intention. Our intention can be helpful only when we are focused on what we want.

Join Dr. Becky Bailey, creator of Conscious Discipline, as we learn to use the Power of Intention to help children learn from their mistakes and use consequences effectively.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:52 Power of Intention and skill of consequences
  • 02:54 What are effective consequences
  • 07:44 Overview of Conscious Discipline
  • 10:20 Seven powers for conscious adults
  • 11:18 Punishments vs. Consequences
  • 12:12 What is needed for effective consequences
  • 16:23 Seven skills for problem solving diagram
  • 17:28 The power of intention
  • 19:58 Cleve Backster plant story
  • 21:38 Punitive Intent
  • 21:56 Permissive Intent
  • 23:00 Intent to Teach

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