Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Celeste Finnegan

Episode Summary

When Conscious Discipline is practiced both at school and at home, it becomes even more effective. Of course, limited time and busy schedules make it difficult to teach the principles, powers, and structures of Conscious Discipline to all families.

In this episode, pre-K teacher Celeste Finnegan shares a brilliant way to share Conscious Discipline with families: a Traveling Shubert. Shubert, along with a journal, is sent home with each child multiple times during the school year. He guides families through activities including creating a breathing box, building a Safe Place at home, and more. Listen in to learn how you can implement this simple, highly effective activity in your own classroom.

Download your own Traveling Shubert in our Free Resources section.

Essential Takeaways

  • Traveling Shubert teaches children to be Shubert’s Safekeeper as he travels home with each child.
  • Before sending Shubert home, Celeste plants seeds with the children in class. For example, she talks about how they could make a Safe Place at home. She asks children to explain to their parents why Shubert is important to them and what they’ve learned from Shubert.
  • During the first trip, Shubert simply spends time with the family. The family writes the story of their time with Shubert in the accompanying journal. Back in class, children sit in a special Shubert chair and talk about their experience with Shubert.
  • On additional trips, families create a breathing box, build a Safe Place at home, and more.

Steps For Tomorrow

  • Create a Traveling Shubert of your own to send home with students, along with a journal. Talk to students about how to keep Shubert safe when he visits.
  • Start by simply introducing families to Shubert and asking them to write their Shubert stories in the journal.
  • On future visits, use Traveling Shubert to introduce concepts like deep breathing, the Safe Place, I Love You Rituals, and so on. Send any necessary instructions in the journal.

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Show Outline

  • :21 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • 2:00 Introduction of guest Celeste Finnegan
  • 2:54 Description of Traveling Shubert
  • 4:00 Traveling Shubert- Second visit
  • 4:56 Traveling Shubert- Third visit
  • 5:51 Traveling Shubert- Additional visits
  • 6:40 Parents’ response to Traveling Shubert
  • 9:32 Children’s response to Traveling Shubert
  • 10:57 What’s Becky up to?
  • 12:06 What’s Becky celebrating?

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