OOPS - Helpful or Hurtful Activity (Group)

OOPS! Helpful or Hurtful Activity (GROUP)

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OOPS! Helpful or Hurtful Activity (GROUP)

In the Conscious Discipline School Family, both students and adults commit to being safe and helpful. For children, it is important to discuss exactly how to practice safety and helpfulness at school. With this OOPS! Helpful or Hurtful Activity (GROUP), you’ll prompt elementary students to reflect on the difference between helpful and hurtful actions, then make a commitment stating how they will be safe and helpful in the School Family.


  • Elementary School

Helps with

  • Differentiating between helpful and hurtful behavior, practicing safety and helpfulness, learning from mistakes


  • Teaching elementary school children how to be helpful and safe in the School Family


  • Instructions with teacher script and single-sided printout


  • Printed instructions and teacher script
  • Printed Commitment activity

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