Webinar: Creating Emotionally Intelligent Schools

If you’re new to Conscious Discipline, it can be difficult to grasp what Conscious Discipline truly is. A concise, encapsulating statement is difficult! We can start, though, with what it’s not. Conscious Discipline is not a program meant to replace a current discipline strategy.

Dr. Becky Bailey, creator of Conscious Discipline, often says, “Discipline is not something we do to children, it is something we develop within them.”

With that in mind, Conscious Discipline most often focuses on a set of social and emotional skills and tools. In a classroom or school setting, what is most proximate (and painful) is kids that are missing critical skills. It’s these missing skills that drive kids to act out on their community – the behavior that drives up discipline referrals, bullying and disruptive behavior.

So what does it take for social and academic skills to soar?

The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model is at the core of the approach. By learning how to recognize a child’s brain state, adults can access an entirely new toolset that helps children shift their internal state and reach optimal learning and creative problem-solving. This is essential, because until the underlying needs and missing skills are met – the top tier of setting goals will continue to be really difficult for kids.

As adults learn how to create safe, connected environments for themselves and the children in their care, they meet the most basic needs of each brain state – and affect radical transformation in children (and themselves!).

Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Jill Molli for a high-level overview of Conscious Discipline. This helpful starting point offers an overview of foundational concepts and shares remarkable stories of transformation.

Webinar Outline

  • 00:17 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 03:40 The Seven Powers and Seven Skills of Conscious Discipline
  • 05:14 Helping Educators Learn to See Classroom Conflict Differently
  • 05:45 The problem with implementing structures without skills
  • 06:30 Conscious Discipline as a single solution for discipline, character education and bully prevention
  • 07:30 The Conscious Discipline pyramid
  • 12:51 Three Core Components of Conscious Discipline
  • 16:29 Creating the School Family
  • 17:15 Conscious Discipline success stories
  • 20:23 Keller Middle School’s Transformation

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