Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest DJ Batiste

Episode Summary

Socialization is a process by which a person learns to be a member of a group or community. Families and educators have the task of socializing children into the collective in a healthy way in order to sustain ourselves as a society.

“Us” and “them” socialization (racism, sexism, have vs have not, good kid vs bad kid classroom culture, etc.) impedes healthy socialization. It can prime the excluded, “lesser” children to seek inclusion in groups and relationships that are damaging or abusive, including street gangs.

In this episode, DJ Batiste shares his experiences from being a teenage gang leader through his current role as a motivational speaker and advocate for creating a healthy School Family “gang” for all children.

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Essential Takeaways

  •  Any form of “us” and “them” socialization impedes the development of a healthy culture
  • Disconnected/marginalized children will find an alternative way to meet the need to belong
  • All children need predictability, consistency and a sense of belonging
  • Creating a sense of community in the classroom (a School Family) provides students with connection, predictability and a sense of belonging

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Show Outline

  • :24 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 1:42 Prevalence of gangs in our society
  • 2:50 What is socialization
  • 5:01 Introduction of guest speaker DJ Batiste, former gang leader
  • 6:23 DJ’s story of his path towards being in a gang
  • 9:55 DJ expelled from preschool
  • 12:56 DJ created his own gang
  • 15:15 A sense of belonging draws children toward gangs
  • 17:40 How gangs provide consistency and predictability
  • 19:18 Codes of conduct in DJ’s gang
  • 20:42 Was there ever a sense of fear being in the gang
  • 23:00 DJ’s life-changing moment
  • 26:10 Mrs. Porter connects, gives DJ a class job and creates a School Family
  • 29:46 DJ’s current employment
  • 31:35 Summary of what the gang provided

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