Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Amy Speidel

Episode Summary

What messages around disciplining children did you receive growing up through your faith/religion?  Do these messages mostly rely on fear such as children learn responsibility by being punished for their acts? What if we shifted to a method that relied on a love-based approach – seeing the best in everyone at their worst moments?

While Conscious Discipline is not a religious program, it does intersect with faith. Conscious Discipline helps adults shift from a reliance on fear to a reliance on love when helping children through their difficult and conflict moments.  It helps us see ourselves as worthy and see the same worthiness in others.

Listen in as guest Amy Speidel shares her story of how faith and Conscious Discipline have intersected in her life.

Essential Takeaways

  • The number one thing we can do for healthy brain development is to have faith
  • Mistakes are opportunities to teach children missing skills
  • Discipline is not something we do to children, it is something we develop within them

Steps for Tomorrow

  • Begin with yourself – begin your own OOPS program, allowing yourself to make mistakes
  • Work on forgiveness in a way that says I forgot the core of love from which we came
  • See the beauty in others and see them as worthy

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Show Outline

  • :25  What is Conscious Discipline
  • 1:33  Conscious Discipline and Faith
  • 2:28  Introduction of guest Amy Speidel, teacher and Parent Coach
  • 3:07  Story of participants attending a Keynote with Dr. Bailey
  • 5:43  Healthiest thing we can do for brain development
  • 9:03  Have you met people who struggle with their religion/religious teachings and Conscious Discipline
  • 11:30  What happens when we use fear-based discipline
  • 12:45  Responding to “Spare the rod, spoil the child”
  • 15:17  Stories of values Conscious Discipline Teaches that would remind us of faith-based teachings
  • 17:45  What is faith
  • 18:52  What happens when we become “triggered” by something children do
  • 19:50  Story of child and chocolate milk
  • 22:07  Training children up, giving our best to children
  • 23:57  Conscious Discipline as a language of the soul
  • 24:52  OOPS (mistakes) moments with Conscious Discipline
  • 26:44  Story with grandson and giving “the look”
  • 28:46  Steps for tomorrow

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