You Did It! – Safe Classroom

We Care Cards: You Did It! – Safe Classroom

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We Care Cards: You Did It! – Safe Classroom

In Conscious Discipline, the teacher’s job is to keep it safe. The students’ job is to help keep it safe. Celebrate when children do this essential job (and encourage safety) using these You Did It! -Safe Classroom cards.


  • 3 (with help) and up

Helps with

  • Building Confidence and Connection
  • Encouraging Safety
  • Celebrating


  • Classroom


  • 8.5x11” printout


  • Scissors
  • Printed You Did It! -Safe Classroom cards

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  • For more tips on promoting safety and instilling a felt sense of safety in your students, visit Shubert’s Classroom in Shubert’s School and select Safekeeper Ritual. You’ll find photos and videos of Safekeeper rituals for both younger and older students.