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Conscious Discipline Rubric Progress Assessment

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Conscious Discipline Rubric Progress Assessment

Assess implementation of Conscious Discipline skills and structures on a four-point scale with this extensive rubric. Descriptions, perceptual shifts and specific verbiage for the Seven Skills of Discipline and corresponding structures help you to determine what each level of proficiency looks like, sounds like and feels like. This 30-page download is ideal for self-evaluation, peer evaluation or administrative use.

Helps with:

  • Staff development
  • Conscious Discipline implementation
  • Seven Skills of Discipline
  • Classroom structures
  • Safe Place
  • Kindness Tree
  • Jobs
  • Circle Time
  • Safekeeper Ritual
  • Brain Smart Start
  • Time Machine
  • Ways to be Helpful
  • I Love You Rituals
  • Picture Rule Cards
  • We Care Center
  • Celebration Center
  • Wish Well Board
  • Absent Child Ritual
  • Class Meetings
  • Classroom management
  • Routines
  • Rituals
  • Safety
  • Connection
  • Problem solving
  • School Family
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social-emotional learning
  • Self-regulation


  • Administrator
  • Educator
  • Peer-review


  • Thirty pages, single-sided
  • Full color

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