Button Pushing ABCs

Game: Button Pushing ABCs

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Game: Button Pushing ABCs

Whether it’s whining, interrupting, or ignoring directions, we all have behaviors that really “push our buttons,” triggering internal upset. In these situations, we often react negatively rather than responding effectively. With Conscious Discipline, we can learn a better way. This group activity helps adults practice active calming in the face of their own personal “button-pushing” behaviors. Once adults learn to calm themselves, they can access their executive skills and choose a helpful response.


  • Adults

Helps With

  • Active calming when faced with triggering behaviors
  • S.T.A.R. breathing
  • Wishing well
  • Using affirmative self-talk


  • Activity appropriate for staff training
  • Professional development
  • Parent nights


  • Directions
  • One single-sided 8.5x11” printout
  • One double-sided 8.5x11” printout


  • Scissors
  • Printed button cards
  • Printed visual prompts
  • Popsicle sticks (optional)

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