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School leaders are under an immense amount of pressure. So much energy goes into supporting students and staff members that there is often not enough inspiration left to make real change in your school. That’s where we can help.

Join us for our teacher workshop to help you reinvest in yourself! Our staff development event provides the inspiration and solutions you need to build a winning hand. This two-day Conscious Discipline workshop will help motivate you to deliver the strategies necessary to bring a much-needed reset to your school or district.

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Leadership Reset Workshop | Staff Development Event for Teachers | Providence, RI
Omni Providence Hotel, 1 West Exchange St. Providence, RI 02903,
Starting on
June 27, 2024
Ending on
June 28, 2024
Join us for our Leadership Reset event in Rhode Island for a teaching workshop that will bring a fresh perspective to your school or district.
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  • Location:
    • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Facilitators:
    • Dr. Becky Bailey
    • Diane Phelan
    • Kelsey Donnini

More Information About This Event

Here's What You'll Learn at Our Educator Conference:

Big Idea

Burnout and exhaustion are overwhelming educators. It’s time for a reset. Join our teacher workshop for strategies to prioritize wellness, gain fresh perspectives, and reignite your commitment to your team and yourself. Conscious Discipline’s unique format combines expert guidance with peer-powered support.


Who Should Attend

This teacher workshop is designed for school and district leaders, including:
• Administrators and Superintendents
• Directors of leadership development, community outreach, in-school suspension, etc.
• Coordinators of wellness, staff development, mental health, and community engagement


Why Conscious Discipline?

In a world of standardized solutions, Conscious Discipline offers a path to personal and professional growth. Attend our teacher events to experience the transformative impact for yourself:
• Deepen faculty relationships
• Boost student success
• Reduce behavioral challenges
• Build a flourishing school community
• Find new leadership strength

Workshop Materials

All teacher event attendees will receive access to our training materials to print in advance of the event. They will also be able to download them digitally on a tablet or e-reader.


Reset your outlook, your goals, and your commitment so you can be the leader your team needs to rise to today’s challenges.

Leadership Reset is a unique exploration of the interplay between wellness, intentionality, practice, and achievement in the leadership space. During this two-day event, your time will be shared between instruction of core concepts in large groups as well as small, peer-based focus groups that tackle real-world situations and challenges. During the workshop, you will:

  • Apply the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults method to yourself and your leadership practices in a way that will increase the sense of safety, trust, and wellness experienced throughout your organization.
  • Utilize facilitated small-group discussion to explore typical friction points with staff, students, and parents in order to construct solutions using the core tenets of Conscious Discipline.
  • Find the path back to your “why” and recommit yourself to practices that fulfill it.
  • Reflect on the difference between motivation and inspiration, and learn how to use both to ensure your team progresses steadily through difficult times.
  • Deepen your concept of self-care to include essential factors like assertive communication, agency, and healthy boundaries.
  • Leave the event lighter, clearer, more inspired, and better able to lead your team through your current challenges and beyond.

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