This July, prepare for a transformative experience with Lety Valero and Polly Beebe at the unique Conscious Discipline Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Unlike typical professional development offerings, this week-long event is a powerful catalyst for personal growth and professional development. It’s an opportunity to challenge your beliefs, enhance your skills, and shift your perspective in a supportive and engaging environment.

Conscious Discipline, an interactive and dynamic adults-first approach, has a proven track record of transforming mindsets over two decades. By learning new concepts and strategies, you can anticipate teaching in ways that foster positivity and growth. This event will reignite your passion for your work and equip you with the tools to create an environment that promotes positive mental health, academic achievement, and emotional wellness.

The Conscious Discipline community bolsters knowledge, broadens intellect, and freshens connections. You’ll meet and grow with like-minded people while discovering a unique, positive learning and teaching style. Our event is immersive, comprehensive, and compassionate. We understand the struggles of everyday educators and parents; ergo, we strive to help you reignite your intentions, intelligence, and heart.

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This event aligns with ESSER fund usage.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Teacher Event: Conscious Discipline Institute | Professional Development for Educators
Le Meridien Dania Beach at Fort Lauderdale Aiport, 1825 Griffin Road,Dania,Florida-33004
Starting on
July 21, 2024
Ending on
July 26, 2024
Transform your approach to teaching and discipline at the Conscious Discipline Institute, our teacher event in Ft. Lauderdale. Learn the Seven Powers, Brain State Model, and create a compassionate School Family. Limited spots available!
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USD 1,849


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  • Location:
    • Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Facilitators:
    • Lety Valero
    • Bernadette (Bibi) Herran

More Information About This Ft. Lauderdale Teacher Event

Here's What You'll Learn at Our Ft. Lauderdale, FL Teacher Event:


Experience the transformative potential of Conscious Discipline as you discover how millions have revolutionized their schools and communities by decreasing problem behaviors, enhancing student achievement and wellness, and cultivating positive climates.

Brain State Model

Develop the skills to identify three fundamental brain/body states in yourself and others, promote brain integration, and guide yourself and others toward optimal states for learning and problem-solving.


Transform your approach to conflict and self-regulation with the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults, a mindset shift that empowers you to model healthy behaviors. Then, equip yourself with the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline to implement actionable strategies for guiding children’s behavior.

School Family

Experience the power of a compassionate, cooperative School Family firsthand and discover how to create one in your own setting through both instruction and personal transformation during this immersive event.

Our Ft. Lauderdale teacher event empowers you to be the change you want to see.

Join thousands of global participants who have transformed their teaching, parenting, and connections through our renowned Institutes. In Ft. Lauderdale, experience the proven power of Conscious Discipline as Lety Valero guides you deeper into its principles, fosters essential connections, and shares exclusive video insights from Dr. Becky Bailey.

Benefit from intimate enrollment, personalized practice groups led by experienced facilitators, and a focus on accurate understanding and implementation.

  • Master the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults: Gain the self-regulation and conflict resolution skills to reclaim control of your life.
  • Harness the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline: Confidently address challenges, setbacks, and conflicts in healthy, productive ways.
  • Unlock the Brain State Model: Understand the root causes of challenging behaviors and respond effectively to meet underlying needs.
  • Experience the Power of Connection: Witness the transformative impact of safety and connection on learning and problem-solving as our Certified Instructor co-creates a compassionate School Family.
  • Build Your Own School Family: Learn how to establish a strong, compassionate foundation where children thrive, develop social skills, build character, and reach their full potential.
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