Conscious Discipline Institutes set the pace for professional development of advanced skills and practices for education leaders who want to deliver the best possible instruction for our children and our future for over two decades. Take a deep dive into winning methods for building strong connections and permanent successful game plans. Learn from our experts — Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo and Kyree Chambers — including a “featured speaker” appearance by the creator of Conscious Discipline, Dr. Becky Bailey, by attending the Conscious Discipline Institute, our Denver Teacher Event!

For one week you will be immersed in Conscious Discipline and discover proven pathways to transforming yourself into what you always wanted to be. Seats are limited and sell out fast, so sign up now!

This event aligns with ESSER fund usage.

Denver, CO Teacher Event: Conscious Discipline Institute | Professional Development for Educators
Hyatt Regency Aurora Denver, 13200 East 14th Place, Aurora,Colorado-80011
Starting on
July 7, 2024
Ending on
July 12, 2024
Transform your classroom with our Denver teacher event. Join Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo, Kyree Chambers and a global community of educators to master self-regulation, brain-state awareness, and the Seven Powers/Skills for creating a compassionate School Family. Limited spots available!
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USD 1,849


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  • Location:
    • Denver, CO
  • Facilitators:
    • Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo
    • Kyree Chambers

More Information About This Denver Teacher Event

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    From those just getting started all the way to those experienced with Conscious Discipline, every day is filled with enlightening information and best practices to follow. Far from monotonous lectures, you will engage in this thrilling training through real-world demonstrations and interactive opportunities.

    For a week, you will immerse yourself in a School Family and experience exciting encounters with experts and others learning how to achieve through Conscious Discipline.

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    Conscious Discipline Institute Denver, CO will be hosted at the:

    Hyatt Regency Aurora Denver
    13200 East 14th Place
    Aurora, Co 80011
    (303) 365-1234

    Special rate is available until June 14, 2024 – limited rooms are available so don’t delay booking!

    Use this link to reserve your room

    Event parking:

    • Hotel Parking $8 a day 

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    We look forward to seeing you in Denver! Come prepared to leave with strategies to positively impact not only the classroom but all those around you!

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    Helper Positions

    Helpers are an essential part of our team. They contribute to the success of our workshops by sharing their wonderful gifts. To apply for a helper position, you must be a graduate of the Conscious Discipline Institute. Helpers are typically selected in the following order: Conscious Discipline Certified Instructors, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructors, Advanced Institute Graduates, Institute Graduates. Institutes often sell out before we select our helpers. If you would like to attend the institute at full tuition even if you are not selected as a helper, register separately before helpers are chosen by submitting the standard registration form and payment. If we select you as a helper, we will refund your tuition.
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Here's What You'll Learn at Our Denver Teacher Event


Learn how Conscious Discipline has transformed millions of lives by decreasing problem behaviors, boosting student achievement and well-being, and improving school climate and community connections.

Brain State Model

Develop the skills to identify different brain-body states in yourself and others, promote brain integration, and guide yourself and others toward optimal states for learning and problem-solving.


Discover the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults and learn how to cultivate self-regulation, shift your perception of conflict, and model healthy behaviors. Then, explore the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline to implement effective strategies for working with children.

School Family

A School Family fosters compassion, cooperation, and belonging. Experience its benefits by becoming part of one at the event and gain practical strategies to create one in your own school community.

Our Denver teacher event empowers you to be the change you want to see.

Transform your approach to teaching, parenting, and connection at our renowned Conscious Discipline Institutes. Join a global community of educators and parents in Denver, where you’ll dive deeper into the proven power of Conscious Discipline under the guidance of Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo and Kyree Chambers.

Experience the difference:

  • Intimate learning environment: Benefit from small class sizes (under 200 attendees) and personalized guidance in small practice groups led by experienced facilitators.
  • Comprehensive understanding: Master the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults, essential for self-regulation and reframing conflict, and the Seven Basic Skills of Discipline to confidently address challenges.
  • Brain-State model mastery: Learn to identify and address the root causes of challenging behaviors through the complete Conscious Discipline Brain State model.
  • Connection and safety: Experience firsthand the importance of creating a safe, connected learning environment as we build a compassionate School Family together.
  • Practical implementation: Gain the tools and knowledge to create your own School Family, fostering a strong foundation for social-emotional learning, character development, and academic success.

Join us at our Denver teacher event and unlock the transformative potential of Conscious Discipline for yourself, your students, and your family.

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