CLASSROOM EDITION: Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Deluxe Toolkit (English only) (with Digital music download)


The Classroom Edition: Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Toolkit helps children learn independent self-regulatory strategies and language that will become their inner speech for self-control, emotional well-being, empathy and healing for the rest of their lives. It incorporates literacy, music and movement.

Curriculum for Feeling Buddies

Feeling Buddies Curriculum Guide



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These tools will help you transform behavior problems into academic achievement. Start using the innovative 176-page Feeling Buddies Curriculum, DVDs, CDs, Safe Place posters and more today for a more peaceful and productive tomorrow. Instead of trying to make children behave, teach them how with this year-long, easy to implement curriculum that illustrates how to manage emotions and behaviors at any age.

The Feeling Buddies are a comprehensive and innovative tool for teaching self-regulation. The Toolkit is based on a unique strategy in which the adult teaches the child to self-regulate and the child teaches the Buddy to self-regulate, both learning the five-step process together. The Curriculum, Safe Place and daily classroom life work cooperatively to maximize learning and give the new skill set permanence. PreK-2nd grade.

This comprehensive Toolkit includes:


“A second-grade girl came to me for counseling due to some pretty intense anxiety. After six weeks of using the Feeling Buddies, she told me these words: ‘When I first came here I didn’t like anything about myself. Now I don’t want to be anybody but me.’ She went on to say that knowing the Feeling Buddies helps her ‘catch onto her thoughts and wrestle with them until they are more helpful.’ ‘I know anxious will come around to visit but I can handle it and calm will take its place.’ It’s powerful work we are doing. I’m so grateful for these skills and tools!” – Kelsey Donnini, Casper, Wyoming

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How to use the CLASSROOM EDITION: Feeling Buddies Self-Regulation Deluxe Toolkit (English only) (with Digital music download)

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Curriculum for Feeling Buddies






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