Logic Model and Theory of Change

Together the logic model and theory of  change help you think critically about and describe how Conscious Discipline will lead to the desired results.

Logic models describe program components; what is required to fully implement an intervention and the outcomes associated with full implementation. Conscious Discipline’s logic model can be used by programs to confirm whether this curriculum is the right fit for their needs. The logic model can also be used by evaluators to ensure they are measuring the correct outcomes – i.e., what Conscious Discipline was designed to impact.

Download the Conscious Discipline Logic Model

The Theory of Change (TOC) graphically describes the necessary preconditions to meet long-term goals of program implementation. It explains the process by showing the pathway to outcomes through key intervention activities. Conscious Discipline’s Theory of Change  begins with adult and school level willingness to learn and change. Ultimately, following training and implementation, the program will see both adult, child, and program impacts.

Download the Theory of Change