Handling Upset Receives Top Honors

Conscious Discipline transforms lives and shifts mindsets. Creative Child Magazine recently honored the Handling Upset: The Adult-First Mindset Shift eCourse for just that! Join us in celebrating two top honors: 2023 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in the “Educational eCourses for Parents and Educators” category, and the 2023 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE in the “Behavior Education for Kids” category.  

Handling Upset: The Adult-First Mindset Shift is an eCourse that explores the simple truth that we cannot effectively teach skills we do not, as adults, practice ourselves. Curricula that provide activities for children without providing self-regulatory skillsets and guidance for adults will always miss the mark. Handling Upset empowers adults to change the “do as I say, not as I do” dynamic by focusing on a transformational mindset shift.  

Jill Molli delivers this award-winning eCourse as a 22+ year veteran of Conscious Discipline, a former Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and the current Director of Mission Expansion for Conscious Discipline. She powers this eLearning experience with wit, wisdom, humor and supplemental footage from Conscious Discipline’s creator, Dr. Becky Bailey.  

We’ve always done it this way is no longer working when it comes to discipline—if it ever did! When I hear from districts, schools and families across the nation, they’re all saying that needs are high, support is low, and demand is on the rise. My hope is that Handling Upset provides an entry point into a different way of thinking about all things discipline. I’m excited it’s having such an impact on people and that Creative Child honored it with two such outstanding awards,” Jill said  

Handling Upset: The Adult-First Mindset Shift provides 8+ hours of interactive video modules that cover topics such as, “Rewiring the Brain for Success” and “Key Steps for Self-Regulation” along with a downloadable workbook with transformational exercises to review and use as an individual or with a group.  


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