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    Reconnecting Through Conflict

    Healthy relationships are fueled by a process of relationship, rupture and repair. The “repair” after moments of conflict has the potential to increase trust, resilience and the overall strength of the relationship. The key is to consciously tend to the repair when a rupture occurs.

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    The Basics of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model

    Problem-solving endeavors like schoolwork and conflict resolution skills will be more successful after you have established safety and connection. The child’s brain must be able to answer both, “Am I safe?” and “Am I loved?” in the affirmative in order to achieve an optimal brain state.

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    How to be a Safekeeper: Emotional Safety for Adults

    “Safekeeper” is the term Conscious Discipline uses to describe the adult’s role in the home or school. Our primary job is to keep children physically and emotionally safe.

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    How to Create a Daily Schedule for Young Children

    A visual daily schedule helps children know what to expect throughout the day. These schedules soothe the lowest center of the brain, the Survival State, to help us feel safe.

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    Active Calming Through the Ages

    Knowing how to identify and deal with feelings plays a key part during our adolescence and will continue to positively affect us into our adult years. By taking in these techniques and breathing routines, people of all ages can learn to handle their emotions and cope with the stressors of everyday life.

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    Holding On as Quarantine Continues as Featured in Teen Magazine

    Right now, we are all in uncharted territory. As sheltering in place with our families continues, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Amy Speidel sat down with Your Teen Magazine to discuss how to coexist as smoothly as possible in this unique situation.

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    Compostura y Asertividad

    Estoy compartiendo esta serie de “Tips Conscientes” para ayudar a padres a hacer su día a día más llevadero; a que fluya en paz. Pero, sobretodo para que no se lastime lo más importante que es, la relación con nuestros hijos.

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    Family Daily Commitments and Morning Routines

    Each day, every family member (parents, too) choose something we commit to doing to be helpful to the family that day. In the weeks since we started this routine, I have been impressed with our commitments, and have found them to be very helpful to our family.

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    Introducing the Power of Perception and the Skill of Composure to Parents

    With our school’s sudden shift to distance learning due to COVID-19, I thought it would be helpful to create a connection with parents and offer encouragement as they take on the new role of supporting distance learning for their children.

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    Resources to Support Individuals with Autism Through COVID-19

    For individuals with autism, extra support is needed to process and adapt to these unusual circumstances.

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    Cultivating Connection and Contribution in a COVID-19 World

    We can choose to shift our perspective to see this unprecedented threat as an unprecedented opportunity to build unity, compassion, connection, contribution and caring within our families and communities.

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    COVID-19 Safety: Handwashing Tips and Information

    Washing our hands frequently isn’t enough. It’s essential that we’re also washing our hands correctly. Here are some handwashing tips to help you “up your handwashing game”.

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    75 Ways for Kids to Connect and Contribute

    These 75 ideas are a fun way to shift your perspective from an “I can’t” mindset of isolation to a “We can do this” sense of togetherness.

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    Five Tips for Successful Home Learning

    Here are some ways to set yourself and your kids up for successful home learning.

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    Responding to Difficult Questions

    We can help ensure children’s wellbeing during this time of upheaval by offering reassurance, empathy and age-appropriate information. Keep reading for tips for cultivating wellbeing and answers to some questions children may ask.

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    COVID-19: Virtual Resources for Educators

    Here are a few of the ways that Conscious Discipline is supporting your efforts on the front lines.

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    COVID-19: Five Helpful Responses for Families

    We can help children (and ourselves) by creating a sense of safety, connecting, and cultivating a new sense of normal with these five tips.

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