Podcasts to Help Families and Educators during COVID-19

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    Weaving I Love You Rituals into the Day

    Join Master Instructor Kim Hughes, a 30-plus year veteran of the education field, as she leads a session on making I Love You Rituals part of your day. Kim answers frequently asked questions about I Love You Rituals and shares valuable strategies and insight.

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    Teaching Conflict Resolution to Young Children

    Join Master Instructor Vicky Hepler as she leads a session on teaching conflict resolution in early childhood on this special episode of Real Talk for Real Teachers.

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    Wishing Well to Heal from Tragedy and Loss

    In this episode, principal Kathy Spidle and teachers Julie Hoven and Miranda Richardson share how they used the Wish Well Ritual to keep the School Family connected and teach love, empathy and kindness during a tragic time.

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    How to Help Children Manage Rage

    In this episode, Master Instructor Kim Jackson shares alternative strategies to help children understand and safely manage rage. She also explains how to differentiate between anger and rage, how to keep the other students in the classroom safe, and what you can do to start your “rage program” tomorrow.

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    Parenting with Conscious Discipline

    Listen as Ginny Luther, owner of Peaceful Parenting and retired Conscious Discipline Master Instructor of 18+ years, shares her story of parenting with Conscious Discipline.

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    Managing Anxiety – How to Help Children Name, Claim and Tame Their Distress

    In this episode, Jill Molli teaches us new skills as she shares her personal journey with her own anxiety and with helping her daughter manage similar feelings.

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    Managing The Stress Of Your Children During The Holidays

    Listen in as one 5th grade teacher, Jill Beck, shares her most powerful strategies for helping every child feel safe, loved and ready to learn as the holidays approach.

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    The Power and Potential of Faith

    Listen in as guest Amy Speidel shares her story of how faith and Conscious Discipline have intersected in her life.

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