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    Candid Conversations: Being of Service (Episode 3)

    Hosted by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli, this episode of Candid Conversations highlights how we can shift from an internal message of shame to an internal message of service. Listen in to learn how to teach this vital practice to children, including three activities you can try in your home today.

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    Four Ways to Help with Mask Wearing

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Amy Speidel provides four tips to help you introduce mask wearing to your children. She discusses using your assertive voice, providing choices, and preparing for the fact that not everyone in the world is responding to COVID-19 the same way.

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    End of Year Rituals to Honor, Celebrate and Heal

    In this webinar, Master Instructor Lety Valero provides several helpful ideas for end-of-year-rituals that honor and celebrate your students and/or staff while helping them heal from the difficulties of this school year.

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    Responding to Disruptive Younger Children at Home

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Kim Jackson shares five steps to lovingly respond to disruptions from younger children. You’ll learn how to create safety, provide predictability and choices, reconnect, and give frequent brain breaks.

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    Answering Children’s Difficult Questions

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Kim Jackson explains that there are two types of questions: questions seeking understanding and questions seeking information. Kim outlines exactly how to answer these questions, then provides additional strategies for managing questions and anxiety during COVID-19.

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    Candid Conversations: Managing What’s Beyond Our Control (Episode 2)

    Hosted by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli, this episode of Candid Conversations explores healthy ways to cope when the proverbial rug gets pulled out from under your feet. In Kyndal’s words, “All of a sudden I lost control of the things I thought I had control over.”

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    Focusing on the Positive While Sheltering in Place

    As most families look ahead to several more weeks of sheltering in place, conversations are shifting. In this helpful interview with Susan Borison from Your Teen Media, For Parents, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Amy Speidel offers advice about how to maintain perspective and co-exist in healthy ways with your family.

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    Candid Conversations: Self-Care During COVID-19 (Episode 1)

    Hosted by Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli, this inaugural episode of Candid Conversations tackles the often-challenging prospect of caring for ourselves while supporting others.

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    Understanding Safety, Connection and Problem Solving

    Join Dr. Becky Bailey to discover how the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model can help you decode children’s behavior and respond effectively to their needs, especially during stressful times such as these.

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    Getting Started with Wishing Well

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Mara Spencer explains how to get started with Wishing Well in your own home. You’ll learn why Wishing Well is helpful, how to create and use a Wish Well Board, how to include older children in this ritual, and more.

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    Providing Safety with Safekeeper Rituals and Agreements

    In this webinar, Certified Instructor Mara Spencer discusses how to use a Safekeeper Ritual, agreements and commitments to provide the safety that children need in order to learn. She explains what it means to be a Safekeeper and shares examples from her own home to help you get started.

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    Visual Morning Schedule

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Elizabeth Montero-Cefalo explains how and why to create a visual schedule. She offers tips on maximizing the effectiveness of your schedule, strategies for reducing overwhelm and providing choice, and a variety of helpful options for younger children and children with special needs.

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    Connecting with Your Kids with I Love You Rituals

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Mara Spencer explains how you can connect with your kids using I Love You Rituals. She also shares several examples of how she uses I Love You Rituals with her own family.

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    Adult Weekly Commitment Calendar

    Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Sue Dierks uses a weekly commitment calendar to set her own intention. Each day, Sue writes out a daily commitment that includes a way to be of service to others, a way to be of service to herself, and something she is grateful for.

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    Make a Multi-sensory Breathing Pinwheel

    Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Stephanie Holmes guides you through making a breathing pinwheel with household items. This do-it-yourself pinwheel provides important multisensory feedback to children as they breathe in to smell the flower and breathe out to make the pinwheel spin.

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    COVID-19 Stress: How Uncertainty Impacts the Brain

    Enjoy a little humor with Dr. Becky Bailey, the originator of Conscious Discipline, and then learn about how your brain is responding to the unique stressors of COVID-19 by shifting from a predictability model to a fluid change model.

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    When Parents Are Away: Supporting Children of Emergency Personnel

    Learn from Abbi’s professional training and personal experiences as she cares for her granddaughters while Mom is away. Discover reassuring, immediately usable strategies to connect, protect and soothe the children of essential personnel while their core source(s) of attachment are away.

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    Cómo Mantener La Calma En Tiempos de Crisis

    Acompaña a Laura Angulo, Lina Paredes y Priscila Dávila en esta sesión de preguntas y respuestas grabada para ofrecer apoyo a los padres y guiarlos en cómo enfrentar las situaciones cotidianas que se viven en casa durante estos momentos de crisis.

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    Four Tips for Successful Home Learning

    Join Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Jill Molli as she offers an overview of helpful structures that support a successful transition to school learning.

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    Responding to Conflict During Seasons of Change

    In this webinar, Master Instructor Amy Speidel discusses creating a game plan, determining which situations need to be addressed in the moment and which should be addressed later, and how to handle moments of conflict with grace.

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    Home Learning and Brain Smart Starts

    In this webinar, Mara explains how to optimize home learning by leading a Brain Smart Start(s) of your own.

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    Tools for your Parenting Toolbox

    In this webinar, Abbi Kruse, a parent, grandparent, and Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, shares the top two tools she wishes had been in her parenting toolbox when her children were growing up: the Power of Perception and the Power of Attention.

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    Wishing You Wellness: Parent Self-Care

    Join Angela to fill your wellness toolbox with six wellness tools that will help you access the best version of yourself.

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    The Safe Place at Home

    Join Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and mother of two Nicole Mercer as she explains how to create and use a Safe Place in the home.

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    Seeing Conscious Discipline In The Home

    In this webinar, Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor Nicole Mercer explains how she has used visuals to solve various problems in her home—and how you can do the same.

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    Three Vital Steps to Successful Routines

    Join Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Kim Jackson as she explains how to use the M.A.P. process to meet diverse needs in a variety of situations.

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    Parent CliffsNotes for the Skills of Conscious Discipline

    Join Conscious Discipline Master Instructor Amy Speidel for an overview of the Seven Discipline Skills and helpful phrases to get you started, or continue your next step, on your journey to more peaceful parenting practices.

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