Pivot Play

Game: Pivot Play

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Game: Pivot Play

Conscious Discipline asks us to transform our responses to challenging behaviors. This is a challenging and ongoing process, but Pivot Play provides a helpful practice opportunity. Start by reading a card with a standard (and ineffective) response to a child’s behavior. Then S.T.A.R., open your heart and wish well, pivot with your body, and rephrase the original comment using the Name, Verb, Paint format.


  • Adults

Helps With

  • Learning to change responses to challenging behaviors
  • Focusing on behaviors that we do want


  • Activity appropriate for staff training
  • Professional development
  • Parent nights


  • Directions
  • Five single-sided 8.5x11” printouts
  • Three 8.5x11” double-sided printouts


  • Scissors
  • Printed cue cards (Steps 1-4)
  • Printed Pivot Play cards

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