Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting


Moving from diapers to the toilet is the first of many milestones you and your child will experience together. How do you want that process to go? Potty Mastery is a shift from “potty training” to “potty learning” that empowers you to leave behind bathroom sticker charts and anxieties in favor of strengthening your child’s confidence and the healthy bonds you share.

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Go from stress to success with Potty Mastery! “Mastery” doesn’t require perfection, it represents a mindset shift from “potty training” to “potty learning.” Potty Mastery encourages the child to fully own the toileting process while the adult supports their individual needs.  

Learn the ins and outs of Potty Mastery in this easy-reading, straightforward title by Joan Morgenstern, a parent coach and 30-year expert in Early Childhood Education; with foreword and additional content by Dr. Becky Bailey, the creator of Conscious Discipline.  

  • Support potty learning with a Conscious Discipline-compatible approach.  
  • Trade sticker charts and bribes for relationship-building and confidence-building.  
  • Essential for families. Helpful for schools and centers. 

You can’t control how quickly a child will master the potty, but you can control how you respond to their learning and support their success!  

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How to use the Potty Mastery: A Child-Centered Approach to Toileting

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