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Want to encourage kindness and helpfulness in your home or classroom? Symbolically recognize kind and helpful acts with the Kindness Tree, retraining the brain to focus on positive behaviors.

Through this new focus, the Kindness Tree actually increases the number of kind and helpful acts that occur in your School Family or home family! The Kindness Tree puts the power of positivity in your hands with an attractive, simple and all-inclusive kit.

Includes one 12 by 18-inch tree (metal with magnets on back), 80 kindness magnets (10 each of 8 designs), detailed instructions and sample lesson plans for academic integration.

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The Kindness Tree enriches classroom and family life by noticing the inner resource of kindness, increasing its power and reach. The simple act of placing symbolic magnets on the Kindness Tree retrains the brain to focus on the good within each of us—and the many helpful ways to express it.

Hang the Kindness Tree in your classroom or home to help children:

  • Honor kindness and helpfulness
  • Focus on the positive
  • Highlight the ways we help one another
  • Feel a sense of unity and belonging

If you’re ready for more kindness and helpfulness in your life, you’ve discovered the perfect tool!


  • 12×18” metal Kindness Tree board with magnets on back
  • 80 die cut magnet pieces in 8 colorful designs
  • Instructions and lesson ideas for integration with math, literacy, writing and science

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Infant/Toddler, 3-5 Years Old, K-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade

SKU: T210 Categories: ,

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  1. machelle.harris
    March 30, 2022
    This is a great product. Easy to maintain.
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