Conscious Discipline E-Course Participant Workbook


This Participant Workbook is a companion piece to the newly expanded and updated e-Course Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools & Homes with Dr. Becky Bailey. The 150-page resource is a session-by-session guide that brings the course concepts to life with fill-ins, diagrams, discussion questions and next steps for educators and parents alike. It is recommended that every participant in the e-Course have a copy of this helpful tool.

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Within these pages, you’ll find skills and strategies that are both scientifically backed and practically applied, and you’ll be able to add your personal notes to each session. This session-by-session resource includes pre- and post-learning surveys, session-specific fill-ins, charts and diagrams. You’ll also find participant discussion questions, related reading lists and featured resource references. The core session concepts come to life in this in-depth reference point that you’ll return to again and again, long after completing the course.

Each session in this workbook follows the e-Course structure:

  • Session 1: Introduction to Conscious Discipline
  • Session 2: Becoming Brain Smart, Parts 1 & 2
  • Session 3: The Connected Family and the School Family
  • Session 4: The Skill of Composure and the Power of Perception
  • Session 5: The Skill of Assertiveness and the Power of Attention
  • Session 6: The Skill Encouragement and the Power of Unity
  • Session 7: The Skill of Choices and the Power of Free Will
  • Session 8: The Skill of Empathy and the Power of Acceptance
  • Session 9: The Skill of Positive Intent and the Power of Love
  • Session 10: The Skill of Consequences and the Power of Intention

PLEASE NOTE: This Participant Workbook is an interactive resource and suggested for every e-Course participant. This professionally produced, bound copy is a cost-effective solution for individuals or group learning experiences facilitated via Site License. A digital version is also available for download with Individual Registration and all levels of Site License via the e-Learning portal.

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