Baby Doll Circle Time (1st Edition)

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Research shows secure adult-child relationships are a prerequisite for healthy child development. Now your center can provide the necessary one-on-one connections without increasing staff burdens or staff numbers by using the revolutionary approach in Baby Doll Circle Time.

It can be hard to find the one-on-one time necessary to create meaningful relationships in a childcare setting. Yet, research shows optimal child development is dependent on healthy relationships with adults. With Baby Doll Circle Time, your ratio of 6:1 can drop to 1:1 as children relive moments with you while delighting in circle time with their baby dolls.

THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH: Click here to purchase the Spanish version: El Círculo de los Bebés

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The instructions and activities in the Baby Doll Circle Time Curriculum show you how to improve relationships between caregivers and children, reduce the stress of out-of-home care, utilize attachment, attunement and social play to wire the brain for optimal development, and help children develop healthy blueprints for self-regulation, relationships and sense of self. Boost your job satisfaction and ensure children thrive by starting this stress-reducing and giggle-inducing program today! 160 pages, for use with children ages 0-3. Baby Doll Circle Time contains:

  • 80+ pages of curriculum lessons designed to support the executive skills including attention, self-regulation, impulse control and initiative, and the teaching of language and literacy, numbers, spatial awareness, body parts and body awareness, and cooperation
  • DVD with over 2 hours of content, including footage with challenging children and those with special needs
  • 40+ pages of instructional information for personal and staff development
  • Specific content helpful for children with challenging behaviors and those with special needs
  • Letter for families
  • Implementation guide and sample plans
  • Assessments for both children and caregivers
  • Alignments to DECA, High Scope and Head Start

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