A Foundation Established on More Than 30 Years of Experience, Research and Learning

Conscious Discipline is a comprehensive emotional intelligence and classroom management system that integrates all domains of learning (social, emotional, physical, cultural and cognitive) into one seamless curriculum. In this article, Conscious Discipline creator Dr. Becky Bailey explains the career trajectory and professional growth that led her to develop Conscious Discipline.

“Conscious Discipline blends all of the information discussed above into a comprehensive, life-changing program for adults that provides them with safety, connectedness and empowerment. For children, Conscious Discipline provides a positive school climate that fosters academic achievement and pro-social skills.”

At the foundation of the Conscious Discipline model is the belief that consciousness is a better teacher than consequences. Through the conscious awareness of others and ourselves, we can consciously choose the consequence of our life’s actions.

Dr. Bailey outlines the theorists, psychologists, models and fields of study that shape Conscious Discipline. Utilizing the Seven Powers for Conscious Adults and Seven Skills of Discipline, Conscious Discipline fosters the personal growth of the adult first and the child second. The foundation of the program is a constructivist and relational-cultural perspective; however, the program builds on the contributions of the many noteworthy theorists, as detailed in this report.

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Type of report: Synthesis report