School Family Job Cards


Retire your well-loved, well-worn job cards and job header by purchasing this newly redesigned replacement set. The 41 job cards and “School Family Job Board” header card included in this set are nearly identical to the ones included with your original School Family Job Set purchase. For ages 3-12.

Pocketed job board and instructions are not included in this replacement set.

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41 full-color cards include: Feeling Buddy Helper, Goodbye Wisher, Door Holder, Problem-Solver, Encourager, Caboose, Morning Message, S.T.A.R. Helper, Calendar Helper, Lunch Helper, Secretary, Materials Manager, Song Selector, Speller, Playground Helper, Fixer, Sprinkler, Soap Squirter, Spelling Announcer, Greeter, Cheerleader, Pet Caregiver, Messenger, Clean-Up Announcer, Line Leader, Line Helper, Electrician, Table Washer, Kindness Recorder, Attention Helper, Board Cleaner, Technology Monitor, Researcher, First Aid Giver, Cubby Checker, Snack Helper, Book Monitor, Door Sign Manager, Absent Student Helper, Floor / Wall Monitor, and Safekeeper.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in

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Age Range

3-5 Years Old, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, All Ages


Administrators, Teachers




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