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Powers of Resilience: SEL For Adults dives deep into the seven Powers of Conscious Discipline. These Powers are rooted in neuroscience and consciousness, and they help you develop your inner resources and create purposeful and sustainable positive change in your life and the lives you touch. Learn how to live a life that reflects your values and vision, creating the compassionate home or school culture and community you truly want to see. In turn, you’ll pass healthy beliefs and behaviors on to future generations.

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To build a resilient child, you MUST have a resilient adult. Powers of Resilience: SEL for Adults cultivates that resilience in adults so they may better foster it in children. The seven Powers you’ll learn in this course empower you to become aware of the unconscious mental models, limiting beliefs, intrinsic biases, and intentions that drive your feelings and behaviors. With consciousness comes the opportunity to choose differently and make positive changes. You’ll gain the ability to live a life that truly reflects your values and vision, purposefully creating the home or school culture that you want to see and passing healthy beliefs and behaviors on to future generations.

We often think of power as something outside of ourselves. We tend to believe that if we could only gain or get rid of something “out there,” we could obtain safety, peace and happiness. The Powers of Conscious Discipline are different. With Conscious Discipline, we shift from viewing power as something “out there” to instead focusing on developing the inner resources that come from within. These Powers allow us to create a firm foundation on which we can live by our most sacred values, make wise choices, and teach future generations to do the same.

Ultimately, the seven Powers of Conscious Discipline help us shift from “Do as I say, not as I do,” to “Be the change we want to see in the world” by doing our own internal work first. The goal is to increase our resiliency, examine our barriers to equity, and begin to see and do things differently, creating positive change for ourselves and the children in our care.

Conscious Discipline® Building Resilient Classrooms (the NEW Conscious Discipline Book- Expanded and Updated) is highly recommended for participants of this digital learning experience. Learn with a partner or group for the best learning experience and to begin applying strategies together.

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3-5 Years Old, K-1st Grade, 2nd-3rd Grade, 4th-5th Grade, Adults

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Virtual Training


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