Potty Mastery Achieves Award Winning Status

Byline: Jenny Shannon

Just announced! Conscious Discipline’s Potty Mastery: A Child Centered Approach to Toileting book by Joan Morgenstern took home top honors from two publications this month. Creative Child Magazine named Potty Mastery as a 2024 BOOK OF THE YEAR, while  Baby Maternity Magazine awarded it with a TOP CHOICE AWARD for 2024.  

Conscious Discipline focuses on shifting adult mindsets first, knowing that this creates a tremendous positive impact on the lives of children. Developmental milestones like transitioning from diapers to the potty are no exception! Potty Mastery: A Child Centered Approach to Toileting is an essential tool for parents, and a support to educators and caregivers seeking to support potty learning in childcare and early childhood centers. Potty Mastery focuses on the central perspective shift from “getting children to use the toilet” to “helping children be successful at toileting.” This empowers adults to leave behind external motivators such as bathroom sticker charts and anxieties in favor of strengthening children’s confidence and cultivating healthy bonds.  

This award-winning book was written by Joan Morgenstern, a parent coach and 30-year expert in Early Childhood Education and a long time Conscious Discipline practitioner. It includes a foreword and additional content by Dr. Becky Bailey, the creator of Conscious Discipline. “A pottying approach like this has been a long time coming,” Dr. Bailey said.  

Central to Potty Mastery is the recognition that this is the child’s journey. Rather than training the child, the adult supports them as they develop a skill. The book teaches adults to recognize cues that a child is ready to begin the process, and how to set the stage for success. Potty Mastery then walks the reader through the process of providing support, honoring their experiences, handling common hiccups and setbacks, and encouraging them from the heart rather than through external reward systems.