Trauma is epidemic in our society.

Understanding Trauma: Reaching and Teaching Children with Trauma provides both an informed knowledge base and specific strategies for healing trauma. Over the course of three video sessions, Dr. Becky Bailey examines how to disrupt the cycle of trauma by bringing new awareness to our current trauma epidemic. Sessions include self-regulation, connection and resilience interventions that build healthy, healing relationships with the power to help trauma-impacted individuals and communities. This series includes over 120 minutes of video teaching, three downloadable session guides and digital extras.

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Session 1: The Dynamics of Trauma

What happens in the body when someone experiences trauma? How does the body react to life events after having been exposed to trauma? This webinar will explore the impact of trauma on the nervous system so we can begin to see post-trauma behaviors as symptoms and a call for help. Understanding the neurological impact of trauma on children and ourselves is critical to healing the core issues behind trauma rather than applying a surface-level solution for a much deeper problem. Empowered with this information, we are better prepared to discover resilience interventions and begin the healing process in the next webinar.

play-circle Part 1: The Dynamics of TraumaSESSION 1 PREVIEW: The Dynamics of Trauma

Session 2: Reaching Children With Trauma

Trauma frequently occurs within the context of a relationship. Healing a trauma also occurs within the context of a relationship—a healthy relationship. Trauma survivors have often experienced painful, damaging relationships that create an innate response of shutting down, building defenses and guarding against the very connection they require to heal. Children with this life experience will retreat inside themselves, attack or defend from those who try to reach out and connect with them. In this webinar, we will discuss five ways to reach relationship-resistant or reluctant children. These relationships are the platform from which we will extend the interventions we’ll learn in the next webinar.

play-circle Part 2:Reaching Children With TraumaSESSION 2 PREVIEW: Reaching Children With Trauma

Session 3: Teaching Children With Trauma

With an understanding of the impact of trauma on the nervous system and strategies for building relationships with resistant children, we can now move into learning specific interventions for reaching and teaching children with traumatic life experiences. These interventions are not intended to replace therapeutic treatment; however, they will enhance children’s healing processes and help them become more likely to learn in your classroom. After you build a connection with a child exposed to trauma, you can begin implementing seven specific interventions that will lay the groundwork for a lifetime of resilience.

play-circle Part 3: Teaching Children With TraumaSESSION 3 PREVIEW: Teaching Children With Trauma
Dr. Becky Bailey

Meet Dr. Becky Bailey

Dr. Becky Bailey is an award-winning author, renowned educator and internationally recognized expert in childhood education and developmental psychology. She is the creator of Conscious Discipline, a trauma informed program that transcends positive discipline to help families and educators become more resilient, more compassionate and better equipped to handle whatever challenges, conflicts or upsets life sends their way. Through Conscious Discipline, Dr. Bailey has inspired and trained more than 3 million educators and caregivers, impacting an estimated 15.8 million children. She has authored 21 books related to guidance and discipline, several of which have won national awards. She currently has over 1.2 million books in circulation.