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Kim Jackson

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Orlando, Florida

Kim Jackson is a master teacher who is dedicated to providing the very best learning experiences possible for each child in her care. She graduated from Winthrop University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has been teaching and coaching in the public schools of North and South Carolina for over 23 years and is a national trainer and keynote speaker.

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Kim Jackson’s teaching practices are true to the mission of Conscious Discipline as she inspires teachers and parents alike to think about brain development and guides young children towards independent self-regulation as a foundation for future success in life. Her 21 years in the classroom were recognized as the best representation of how to implement Conscious Discipline with a broad scope of children of cultural, linguistic, and ability diversity.

Kim has been part of the North Carolina Preschool Demonstration Program demonstrating “best practices” in action for local, state and national observers, offering coaching and support to teachers in modifying their own teaching practices. Kim works closely with universities and early childhood agencies to support their teacher education programs. She has also provided teacher training on the local, state, national, and international level.

As a trainer, Kim draws both beginning and experienced teachers in with candor, clarity, humor and humility. Warm stories of her personal experiences, classroom experiences, and her teaching partners and their authentic learning journeys weave wonderful examples of how to welcome, embed and embrace Conscious Discipline.




    Kim has 20 years of experience as an educator and coach and has been a part of the North Carolina Preschool Demonstration Program, showcasing best practices.


    Kim specializes in Conscious Discipline implementation for early childhood and elementary age groups and is a national keynote speaker and trainer.


    Kim is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor and partners with universities and early childhood agencies to support teacher education programs.


    Kim holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Winthrop University.