The NEW Conscious Discipline Book – Expanded & Update

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Shift from “Do as I say” to “Be the change” with the updated skills, strategies and structures in the newly revised Conscious Discipline book. It contains all of the transformational strength of the seven powers and skills from the earlier editions, plus new brain information, new strategies, exclusive access to a web portal and more! Perfect for toddler to 5th Grade classrooms, adaptable for all others.

THIS BOOK IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH: Click here to purchase the Spanish version: Spanish Conscious Discipline Book

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Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms is the foundational book for Conscious Discipline. It revolutionizes the classroom approach to social-emotional learning by addressing the adult’s skill set and internal states first, and then empowering the adult to teach and model these skills with children. Both research studies and individual testimonials show that Conscious Discipline simply works for transforming social-emotional skills, school climate, academics and home/school connections. Stop struggling with behaviors and standards, and start finding the joy in teaching again!

What’s new in the revised Conscious Discipline book:

  • Three additional chapters
  • Conscious Discipline Brain State Model chapter
  • Interactive web portal
    • Book Study
    • Additional content
    • Videos
  • Activities and assessments
  • Updated brain information
  • Updated skills and strategies
  • New sections addressing MTSS
  • Organized around safety, connection and problem-solving for ease of application
  • Chapter summaries and implementation checklists

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