(AUGUST 2019)  Last year, Broward County Public Schools launched their Reimagining Middle Grades initiative. To promote safety and belonging for middle school students, BCPS implements Conscious Discipline.

According to BCPS, the goal of the initiative is “to help every child be literate, emotionally healthy, and academically successful in a safe, experiential learning environment.” The district knew from the start that social emotional learning (SEL) would play a significant role in the initiative. After researching options, BCPS selected Conscious Discipline.

Middle schools infuse Conscious Discipline across curriculum areas and in daily interactions. Rituals and structures like the Safe Place, Celebrations, Jobs, We Care Center, Wish Well, and Greetings aren’t just for young children.

Some of the middle schools even offer an SEL elective. They explicitly teach the Brain State Model,  how to manage emotions and regain composure, and more.

Ultimately, these schools aim to create a positive culture shift. With the School Family model, students experience a sense of belonging in a safe environment that fosters creativity, learning, and growth.

BCPS recognizes that safety and belonging are vital far beyond elementary school. In fact, research shows that for adolescents, belonging affects numerous factors related to well-being. These include physical health, cognitive performance, and general life satisfaction.

Another component of the Reimagining Middle Grades initiative is project or problem-based learning. These learning experiences promote leadership, teamwork, inquiry, and problem-solving.

Reimagining Middle Grades Video

In this video from BCPS, you’ll hear from the middle school students themselves about how Conscious Discipline is impacting their educational experience and their lives.

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