Laura Angulo

Laura Angulo

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, English / Spanish

Bogotá, Colombia

Laura Angulo was born in Bogotá Colombia and was raised in Florida where she graduated from High School and went on to study Psychology and Special Education at the University of Miami. After working as a Special Education teacher in the Broward County public school system with children with severe and moderate cognitive disabilities, she realized the fundamental importance of early intervention and obtained her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education at UM. During her years at the University of Miami and through her practicum experience in Special Education pre-k classrooms Laura was first introduced to Conscious Discipline in 2004. Her formal training began in 2006 when after attending a two day session with Becky Bailey in Miami, Laura knew that this was the “better way” she wanted to follow and spread.

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Laura Angulo’s dedication to Conscious Discipline is easy to see in her career as a bilingual educator and certified child psychologist, and at home with her two daughters. Laura resides in Bogotá, Columbia where she partners with a facility for abandoned children, a cause close to her heart. At Chiquitines, Laura applies her vast Conscious Discipline knowledge, providing hope and a way forward for the facility’s 100 children from ages 0-8 and 30 staff members. She carries this hope and skill into her community and beyond by serving as an international instructor for Conscious Discipline since 2015. 

Born in Bogotá Colombia and raised in Florida, Laura studied Psychology and Special Education at the University of Miami. After years as a Special Education teacher, Laura realized her heart was invested in the formative years of children’s development. This inspired her to pursue her master’s degree in early childhood special education at the University of Miami. After her introduction to Conscious Discipline in 2004, Laura knew instinctively that it provided the “better way” she had been seeking from her formal education. Soon Laura became a Certified Instructor and began sharing Conscious Discipline in both English and Spanish-language trainings for parents and educators serving children from early childcare all the way through to k-12 schools in Colombia. 

Laura combines her Conscious Discipline knowledge and 20+ years of education experience in every role she holds, from her School Family to her family at home. In addition to her passion project at Chiquitines, Laura has provided training for teachers and parents at various sites throughout Bogotá including Misi Baby Spa, Arca de Noe and ADVENIO Colombia, where she is transforming five of their childcare and preschool sites to Conscious Discipline. Additionally, Laura has been working with the Inmensamente Foundation in implementing Conscious Discipline for underprivileged children and families in Gachancipa, Colombia. Laura also works alongside the Prema Foundation to bring the Safe Place to hospitals and medical facilities for both patients and medical staff; specifically, at La Fundación Cardioinfantil in Bogotá. 

Laura’s mission is to continue to spread the knowledge and strategies of Conscious Discipline throughout Colombia so new generations can be raised in safety and connection. 



    Laura has dedicated 17+ years to educating children, parents and teachers. Her experience in special and general education settings ranges from birth to 5th grade.


    Laura specializes in early childhood special education, special needs K-12, group training, parenting, coaching, and school-wide implementation (English/Spanish). 


    Laura is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Special Education from the University of Miami and a Master of Science in Early Childhood Special Education and ESL from the University of Miami.