Gina de Kort

Gina de Kort

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor


Gina is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, trainer, coach, and team leader who has worked in the educational field for more than 20 years. She currently coordinates the team of Educational Facilitators of Innovation at the Department of Education of Aruba, incorporating Conscious Discipline in her leadership approach. She also facilitates Conscious Discipline workshops for parents and educators.

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Gina de Kort has over two decades of experience in education. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, coordinator of the school student care system, policy advisor, team leader, and trainer and coach.

Gina learned about Conscious Discipline by attending Dr. Becky Bailey’s presentations in Aruba, and soon began volunteering to provide training and coaching in Conscious Discipline. She also helped organize Conscious Discipline workshops in Aruba. Gina has assisted in school-wide and agency-wide implementation of Conscious Discipline, in addition to providing classroom coaching and facilitating workshops.

By practicing and sharing Conscious Discipline, Gina has been able to manage difficult situations in her personal life, developed leadership skills, and successfully helped people around her in dealing with conflicts. She has a special interest in Conscious Discipline-based leadership and working on alignment of Conscious Discipline and the national curriculum. Gina’s presentations are described as inspiring, positive, and powerful.



    Gina has ten years of experience as an elementary school teacher, five years as coordinator of the school student care system, over 15 years as a trainer and coach, and four years as a policy advisor and team leader. She has worked on Conscious Discipline school-wide and at the national level.


    Gina has trained staff and administrators in Conscious Discipline through classroom coaching and school-wide/agency-wide implementation. She speaks English, Spanish, Papiamento, and Dutch.


    Gina is an International Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Gina graduated from the Pedagogical Institute of Aruba with a specialization in ages 6-12.