Edna Medrano

Edna Medrano

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Amarillo, TX

Edna has more than 15 years of experience in Early Childhood and supporting children, families and educators. After being introduced to Conscious Discipline, Edna embraced it and first began applying it in her personal life as a wife and parent to three children. Her professional experience comes from working in Early Head Start providing support to staff in family services, education and most recently as a home based specialist. She has a passion for helping others and is committed to strengthening families. Edna holds a B.A. in Social Work and a M.S. in Family Studies.

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Edna Medrano has over a decade of experience as an early childhood educator who works with and supports children, families, and educators. She has worked in Early Head Start programs and as a home-based specialist. She holds a B.S. in Social Work and a M.S. in Family Studies. Edna also applies Conscious Discipline at home as a wife and mother of three children.

When Edna was first sent to a Conscious Discipline Summer Institute, she knew nothing about Conscious Discipline. By the second day, she was already hooked on the program. As a mother to young children and an educator working with young children, she felt that everything about the powers and skills simply made sense. Upon returning home, Edna immediately began applying Conscious Discipline in her personal life and as a member of her program’s implementation team. Conscious Discipline has influenced every aspect of Edna’s life and made her more present, responsive, and reflective, profoundly impacting all of her relationships. Understanding the brain state model, powers, and skills has been life-changing for Edna’s family, and she is passionate about sharing this information with others.

Edna works with and trains both parents and educators. She specializes in Infant Toddler, Early Head Start, and Head Start. She is also a Poverty Coach and holds her Family Service Credential. She has a passion for helping others and is committed to strengthening families.



    Edna has over 15 years of experience as an early childhood educator. She has also worked as a home-based specialist, as well as working with and training parents.


    Edna specializes in Early Head Start, Head Start, Infant Toddler, and training.


    Edna is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. She also has her Family Service Credential and is a Poverty Coach.


    Edna holds a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and a M.S. in Family Studies.