Shubert’s School

Shubert’s School in Bug Valley offers practical examples of Conscious Discipline implementation, room-by-room in a school environment. As you move through the Entrance, Hallways, Classrooms, Cafeteria and more, you’ll discover tips, tools, videos and more that model how educators, administrators and helpers can put the principles and practices into action and bring safety, connection and problem solving to life. Click through the twelve unique areas of Shubert’s School and uncover a wealth of resources to help you on your journey!

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Shubert’s Home

Shubert’s Home in Bug Valley offers practical, room-by-room examples of Conscious Discipline implementation in the home. Explore the Living Room, Kitchen, Bedrooms and more to discover tips, tools, tricks and videos designed to help parents and families bring the principles and practices of Conscious Discipline to life. Click through the 12 areas of Shubert’s Home to find valuable resources that will help you build a foundation of safety, connection and problem-solving in your family’s home.

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As you explore each room, you’ll find a list of the rituals, routines and structures that are most helpful in this location. But that’s not all—we’ve also provided helpful How To’s, photo and video examples, related products and more. By using the resources and guidance here, you’ll transform your school or home into a safe, connected and problem-solving environment where all children (and adults) can

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The Shubert and Sophie series of books are designed to build character through conflict for both children and adults. An engaging and endearing lightning bug named Shubert, his sister named Sophie, and their friends at Bug Valley School demonstrate using the Seven Skills of Conscious Discipline to solve problems. Family members and a teacher, Mrs. Bookbinder, model Conscious Discipline for adults.

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