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Blue Star Grit with Keynoter Ginny Luther

Ginny Luther’s history with Conscious Discipline goes back to its earliest days, as one of the original Conscious Discipline Master Instructors in 1998. Though she is a lifelong educator, it was not Ginny’s profession that first brought her to Conscious Discipline; it was what was happening within her own home. 

Ginny became a single mom when her sons were 2.5 years old and 5 months old. She became deeply concerned when her youngest, Bart, began having violent temper tantrums that lasted up to 45 minutes when he was around 18 months old.  

None of the traditional methods she’d been taught worked with Bart, so she began seeking alternatives and made a profound discovery. “It was about me, and not about him. My response to his behavior had a huge impact on how he responded.” 

Around the same time, she stumbled across Dr. Becky Bailey and the book, There’s Got to Be a Better Way. Ginny found success with Dr. Bailey’s methodology and knew it was something other parents would benefit from within her own parenting practice. Ginny says that what she loves most about Conscious Discipline is the science-based evidence behind the practice. “It isn’t just theory! There is data to support the reasons why this practice works,” Ginny said. 

Ginny considers raising Bart to be her greatest success story, a journey she details in her newly released book, Blue Star Grit. Bart’s childhood was earmarked by tantrums, power struggles and big feelings. Using the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline throughout his childhood helped Ginny to deal with the stressors of raising an intense child and helped Bart learn to self-regulate and channel his energies toward his goals. Bart grew to become a high-ranking military official and a deeply loved and respected leader.  

After serving as a Tank Commander in Iraq, Bart was murdered in the line of duty here in the U.S. “It was such a tragedy. Without Conscious Discipline I never would have managed,” Ginny said. Her deep understanding and practice of Conscious Discipline helped Ginny to shift her perspective so she could see the young man who killed her son as a person much like Bart, but unlike Bart, this young man didn’t get the tools he needed to thrive.  

Ginny’s gentle delivery, deep wisdom and profound experience of loss shapes her keynotes and presentations. She is excited to be a keynote speaker at the 2023 Elevate Conscious Discipline conference where she will share her wisdom with both new faces and old friends from her earliest days with the company. Ginny says that whether this is your first Conscious Discipline event or your 30th, she knows there is something perfect just waiting for you to hear! “You only hear what you’re ready to hear in the moment,” she says.  

Experience Ginny’s story of transformation and hope and be inspired by all the dynamic speakers at Elevate Conscious Discipline: Renew Your Passion and Purpose in Orlando, FL from Oct 12-14.  

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