Section 1: Introducing Conscious Discipline

We're All In This Together: From School to Heart to Home

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    Implementation Plan for Parents - Younger Children

    PG 4 - Infant / Toddler (0-3 yrs) implementation tool

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    Implementation Plan for Parents - Older Children

    PG 4 - PreK-5th Grade (4-12 yrs) implementation tool

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    8-Month Product Guide for Parents

    PG 4 - Helpful guidance for parents navigating Conscious Discipline at home.

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    School Family Rubric

    PGS 5-6 - Assess your knowledge of the structures, rituals and routines

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    Skills Rubric

    PGS 5-6 - Assess your knowledge of the Seven Skills for Discipline

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    Administrator's Self-Evaluation

    PGS 5-6 - Assess your Level of Implementation

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    e-DECA Assessment & Planning System

    PGS 5-6 - Assess, plan and track outcomes with the e-DECA

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    Visit Shubert's School

    PG 6 - Tour Bug Valley School for room-by-room examples of implementation.

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    Video Gallery

    PG 6 - Discover video success stories, coaching, product demonstrations and award-winning video stories

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    Sign Up for Free Resources

    PG 6 - It's quick, easy and FREE to sign up for immediate access to our library of free resources.

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    How Conscious Discipline Compares

    PG 5 - Learn how Conscious Discipline compares to other SEL and self-regulation programs.

Open House

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    Connecting and I Love You Rituals Skills Video

    PGS 7, 14 - Connections on the outside with other people help build neural connections inside your brain. Connections require eye contact, touch, presence and a playful setting, all of which are present when you conduct I Love You Rituals with a child.

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    ONLINE COURSE: Session 1

    PG 15 - Included with the Premium Parent Education Pack. Others may upgrade for access. Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Schools and Homes, Session 1, Introduction to Conscious Discipline

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    Professional Development Opportunities

    PG 15 - Build a relationship with a Certified Instructor who will guide you through personal implementation, school implementation and/or implementing a parent program.