Preface: Getting Started with the Curriculum

If you’re new to Conscious Discipline, congratulations! You have discovered a life-changing approach that will transform your classroom, your family and every relationship in your life! As you implement this curriculum, you will be learning side-by-side with the families in your care. Though this is a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth, it also presents some challenges. Our Professional Development Group has special coaching and training packages available to help you implement both the parent education curriculum and Conscious Discipline itself.

  • Training

    Host an onsite Conscious Discipline keynote, workshop or Institute that’s customized to serve the needs of your agency, community, district and staff.

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  • Coaching

    Once you’ve completed 12 hours of training, you’re eligible for Coaching with a Master or Certified Instructor, ideal for fine-tuning and trouble-shooting.

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  • Events

    From our in-depth Institutes to National and Local Workshops to Industry Conferences, you’ll find us at over 30 events every year.

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  • Instructors

    Discover our team of expert Instructors, each personally selected, mentored and certified by Conscious Discipline founder Dr. Becky Bailey.

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Introducing Conscious Discipline

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