Students smiling and engaging with a teacher in the classroom as the teacher presents

How to Adapt Conscious Discipline for Older Kids

Conscious Discipline for Older Kids: How to Adapt Rituals and Structures We’re often asked: Is Conscious Discipline for older kids? The answer is that Conscious Discipline is for everyone!...

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Teach and student work together on a question in the classroom

SEL for Teens: Can I Use Conscious Discipline with Older Kids?

Are Conscious Discipline and SEL for Teens? Often, social and emotional learning (SEL) programs are associated with early childhood. After all, the first three years of life are a...

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Culturally Responsive SEL and Being of Service

Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey, Julie Ruffo and special guests Aida Adnan & Tania Al Jaroudy Episode Summary Social and emotional learning (SEL) includes relationship-based...

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Using ESSER Funds for SEL Initiatives

2020 introduced new challenges to educators, students and families around the world. As many U.S. schools begin returning to normalcy, it’s clear that the effects of the pandemic linger....

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Rhode Island Schools Adopt Conscious Discipline as State-Wide SEL Program - web banner

New Partnership Brings Conscious Discipline to Rhode Island Schools

(MARCH 2021) In partnership with Sargent Rehabilitation Center’s Regional Resource Center, Conscious Discipline will provide Rhode Island schools with a unified approach to social-emotional learning (SEL) for education programs...

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Seven Powers: Power of Intention - banner

Seven Powers: Power of Intention

Power of Intention Big Idea: Mistakes are opportunities to learn. Goal: To teach and/or learn a new skill. Skill: Consequences Structures: Class Meetings, Conflict Resolution Time Machine Join me for...

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Seven Powers: Power of Love - banner

Seven Powers: Power of Love

Power of Love Big Idea: Choose to see the best in others. Goal: Choosing to see the best in others keeps us in the higher centers of the brain...

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Seven Powers: Power of Acceptance - banner

Seven Powers: Power of Acceptance

Power of Acceptance Big Idea: The moment is as it is. Goal: To learn to respond to what life offers instead of trying to make the world go our...

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Seven Powers: Power of Free Will - banner

Seven Powers: Power of Free Will

Power of Free Will Big Idea: The only person you can make change is you. Goal: Learning to connect and guide instead of force and coerce.  Skill: Choices Structures:...

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