How It Works:

1. LOAD – Choose and load four badges onto Bailey’s arms and feet. Bailey Bear comes with 3 badge sets:

  • Welcome and respond to Feeling Face badges to increase emotional regulation.
  • Actively calm with Breathing Icon Badges to increase self-regulation.
  • Deepen connection with I Love You Ritual Badges to increase attunement and cooperation.

2. CHOOSE – Once loaded, Bailey Bear is ready for action! Children may choose one badge from Bailey’s arms and feet to move to the HEART position.

3. PLAY – The badge that is moved to Bailey Bear’s heart will guide interactive play that wires the brain for self-control.

What's Included

Plush Bailey Bear

This huggable self-regulation guide has durable velcro dots that securely hold display badges on Bailey’s arms, feet and heart.

A Soft Conscious Discipline Backpack

Bailey Bear’s soft attached backpack holds 3 unique badge sets and is perfectly sized to hold unused badge sets between uses.

3 Unique Badge Sets

Children should use only one badge set at a time. Choose what you want to work on: Feeling Faces, Breathing Icons or I Love You Rituals.

Online Product Coaching

Coming Soon! Check back for online video coaching sessions with Bailey Bear and Conscious Discipline creator Dr. Becky Bailey.

Three Unique Badge Sets

For optimal results, Bailey Bear is designed as a teaching tool and is a helpful connection tool for children and adults. Breathing Icon badges offer helpful breathing techniques that calm upset feelings. Feeling Face badges to help children identify and manage their feelings. I Love You Ritual badges connect, build attention span and increase cooperation with your favorite I Love You Ritual by combining eye contact, touch and presence in playful situation.

Additional video coaching on these techniques are COMING SOON from author, creator and child development expert Dr. Becky Bailey.