Conscious Discipline Improves Every Facet of Teaching & Learning

Solutions for Persistent Issues

Conscious Discipline provides real world solutions for top concerns like achievement, wellness, school climate and teacher retention. Our adult-first, trauma responsive approach integrates resilience, self-regulation, healthy school culture and brain-based discipline practices to deliver lasting results.

Supported by 25+ Years of Fieldwork

Our plans are expertly crafted from 25+ years of experience facilitating meaningful transformation, long-term sustainability and fidelity via an engaging combination of live events, eLearning, coaching and implementation tools. Simply put: Our plans work— not just today, but for years to come.

A Free Webinar to Get You Started

Sign up to gain free, exclusive access to our More Than an Intervention webinar. Whether you’re addressing the same issues year after year, program after program, or you’re facing pandemic-related concerns like learning loss, delayed social skills, anxiety, aggression and employee turnover, our plans put you firmly on the path to success.

Beginning Where it Matters, Results that Last

Conscious Discipline is rooted in neuroscience, trauma responsive practices and child development research. Our work starts with the heart of every school: educators and administrators. Improving adult skills first creates a shift in school culture, empowers adults to model healthy skillsets, and puts your district on the path to wellness and achievement.

Our Plans Deliver Measurable Progress & Sustainable Long-Term Success