Brain Boogie Boosters (Digital)



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Dr. Bailey makes her musical debut on a meditation track called “Safe and Calm,” while the Learning Station entertains and informs with songs like “Watch Me Listen,” “Brain Game,” “Friends Connect, ” and more.

Brain Boogie Boosters album song listing:

  1. Boogie Rock
  2. Brain Boogie Boosters
  3. Greetings
  4. Move And Freeze
  5. Watch Me Listen
  6. Calm Your Brain
  7. You Are Heart
  8. Wadlee Atcha
  9. Itsy Ditsy Spider
  10. Peace Like A River
  11. Skip Count
  12. I Gotta Go
  13. Nutrition Pyramid
  14. Brain Game
  15. Brain Breaks
  16. Friends Connect
  17. Team Of Two
  18. It’s A Marvelous Day
  19. Safe And Calm


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