Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest DJ Batiste

Episode Summary

From being expelled as a preschooler to joining a gang by the age of nine, DJ Batiste was a troubled child until his life was turned around his senior year of high school. The first day of his senior year, DJ walked into a class that utilized the powers and skills of Conscious Discipline. Ms. Donna Porter used the skills she had learned through Conscious Discipline to make a connection with DJ. That one connection began a transformation in DJ’s life that set him on a new trajectory of success.

Listen in as DJ Batiste shares his personal story of transformation and the teacher that started it all. DJ encourages teachers—and all adults—to see misbehavior and children who misbehave differently, build connections, and teach skills. Children who do not have a sense of belonging will create their own, often leading them down a destructive path. Connection, on the other hand, builds a bridge to healing and growth. DJ’s inspirational story reminds educators of the power they have to permanently change lives for the better.

Essential Takeaways

  • Shutting out children who misbehave will not motivate them to change; they need to learn missing skills. Children who are shut out will lack a sense of belonging and will create their own.
  • For students who struggle academically, school can be a terrifying place. If the only way to get “joy juice” at school is through academic performance, students with academic difficulties can never receive “joy juice” at school.
  • Composure is essential. If you aren’t composed, you can’t see children differently, offer empathy, or encourage students.
  • Students should receive a fresh start every day. Emphasize connection over correction. Connection builds a bridge that allows students to learn academic and social skills.
  • Make the most of every opportunity to influence and change lives. Sometimes you will plant a seed that doesn’t grow, but this is better than having the opportunity to plant a seed and choosing not to.

Steps For Tomorrow

  • See misbehavior and “attention-seeking” as a call for connection. Consciously set your intention: Is your intention to punish or to teach?
  • Encourage all students and celebrate all successes, especially for students who struggle academically.
  • If you are willing, commit to giving all students a clean slate and a fresh start every day.

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Show Outline

  • :50 What is Conscious Discipline?
  • 1:15 Introduction of special guest DJ Batiste
  • 3:56 DJ’s background
  • 5:58 Importance of teaching skills instead of shutting students out
  • 6:45 Why some students fear school
  • 10:25 Importance of composure
  • 12:20 DJ’s story of meeting the teacher who changed his life
  • 17:53 Making every day a fresh start
  • 20:30 Connection instead of correction
  • 27:27 Making the most of every opportunity to change a life
  • 30:39 Everything starts with connection

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