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    Are you ready to attend the Conscious Discipline Advanced Institute? As you know, the Advanced Institute is a small, limited-attendance event that provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow with Conscious Discipline.

    The purpose of the Advanced Institute is to explore and deepen your understanding of Conscious Discipline in an intimate group setting. It is also a stepping stone for those who intend to become Conscious Discipline Certified Instructors or Ambassadors, or to share Conscious Discipline in their school, agency or organization. (Please remember that participation in the Advanced Institute is not a guarantee of certification, and only Certified Instructors are permitted to charge a fee when sharing Conscious Discipline.)

    The following questions will help you determine if applying for the Advanced Institute is the next step in your journey with Conscious Discipline:

    • Am I aware of my intentions?
    • Am I confident in using Conscious Discipline skills during upset and conflict?
    • Do I have a clear understanding of the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model?
    • Am I comfortable sharing my implementation journey?

    If you answered a resounding “yes” to all of these questions, please complete the information below to apply for a space at this life-changing experience. If you felt uncertain about any of your answers, please rejoin us at the Summer Institute and other events as you continue to deepen your learning.