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    When considering hosting a CD1 Summer Institute Satellite, the following venue specifications are required:


    The meeting room is the central area where most of the training/coaching will take place. This is meant to be a large, open space that optimizes face to face interaction and impromptu activities and provides enough space for participants to sit, stand, dance and otherwise move and interact in pairs as well as groups. All activities are highly interactive. The following are minimum requirements for a successful meeting room:
    • A minimum of 6,000 square feet, able to accommodate 18 round 8-top tables (size 60”) or 15 round 10-top tables (size 72”). The perimeter of the room will have (10) 6 ft. tables for displays.
    • At least a 20 ft. wide by 10 ft. stage for use by the speaker, minimum 12” in height, maximum 36” in height with stairs.
    • The room should be square or wide rectangle shape (not thin and long) and free of poles or columns that can obstruct vision to the stage or between tables. L-Shape spaces are not acceptable.
    • The room must be available for eight full days. This allows for room setup prior to the event and tear down the last day of the event.
    • Room must be able to be locked/secured when not in use.
    • Amplified music is played throughout each day and the volume can be disruptive to nearby groups. Please consider this with room placement next to other groups.
    • Seating – The participants will be in these chairs for 7 days. It is important that the seats are comfortable. Metal chairs without a cushion are not acceptable. If the venue does not have adequate seating, the rental cost of this must be factored into the amount received from Conscious Discipline.
    • The room must have air-conditioning.
    • Access to the room 24-hours in advance of the training is needed for set-up. Please allow 4-6 hours for clean-up at the end of the event as well.
    • Minimum Screen Size: 10 ft.
    • Projector: at least 2000 Lumens
    • Sound: Built-in speakers or external speakers on stands. Must have one wireless lavaliere for presenter and two hand held wireless microphones for the audience. All sound sources, including presenter’s computer, must run into a mixing board that then feeds into the sound system.


    Demonstration rooms are spaces where classroom displays, charts and samples will be used by the presenter for participants to view and interact.
    • Approximately 1,065 square feet (3-4 extra rooms such as a classroom)
    • A screen and projector are required


    Circle Time are structured break-out sessions where participants practice skills of the day and participate in deeper discussions, approximately one hour of each day. Participants typically sit/stand on the floor for games and activities.
    • Space for 10-15 participants to sit/stand in a circle.
    • Classrooms or conference rooms are ideal.
    • This activity tends to be noisy, therefore the areas must be spread out.


    • Parking to accommodate 50-75 cars, or provide shuttle transportation to and from local hotel.
    • Access to a separate storage room for the entire 8 days.
    • Janitorial services twice each day to take care of restrooms and trash.
    • Access to kitchen with large sink, refrigerator, freezer or ice maker.
    • Venue must be able to accommodate large pallets and have space to store the shipment for several days prior to the start of the event.  We typically begin on Sunday or Monday, so the materials need to arrive by Wednesday or Thursday.  Shipment to an off-site warehouse is acceptable if the HOST arranges delivery to the venue before setup.


    • Coffee, tea, and two water stations set up at 7:00 am each day.
    • Water stations refreshed at 2:30 pm each day.


    • Internet Speed: High-speed reliable Wi-Fi  or hard wired internet connection for the presenter to use.
    • Ideal Internet connection – 40/40 fiber conection (40mpbs download) reliable password protected wifi or hardwired connection.
    • Minimum internet connection – 10mpbs download speed with a dedicated hard-wired ethernet connection.
    • Projector and screen with video output cord that is either VGA, DVI or HDMI.
    • House sound system with good quality audio that will receive the output signal from a mixing board with multiple audio inputs.
    • Mixing board to control sound levels of computer audio and all microphones.
    • Speakers hooked into the mixing board for room sound.
    • Wireless lavaliere headset for the presenter.
    • 1-2 wireless handheld microphones.
    • Space for the Presenter’s computer in the front of the room where they will be presenting.
    • 1/8” mini jack wired from mixing board that plugs into presenter’s computer with projector connection.
    • A Tech support person on-site during all event hours including A/V set-up and sound-check the day before the satellite is to begin.
    • Tech support must be available and accessible to meet with the presenter to test any/all equipment, and MUST be capable of troubleshooting and solving any technical challenges with any of these elements during the week as needed.
      • This person needs to be familiar with the venue, event set-up (house sound, mixing board, all microphones, internet, projector, power sources and the safety of equipment and guests).