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    When considering hosting a CD1 Summer Institute Satellite, the following venue specifications are required:

    Facility Requirements

    • Meeting room should be at least 5,000 - 6,000 square feet and able to accommodate rounds of 10 people for max of 150, with space to move around and dance.
      • There should be no poles or columns in the room that can obstruct vision. The room should be square or rectangle shape (not thin and long.) An L-shaped room will not work for our needs.
    • The room must be available for 7 full days, including Institute setup the day before the workshop begins. The room must be fully setup for the event before our preparation can begin. Institute setup takes about 3 – 4 hours.
    • Prior to our arrival, the room should be set up with 15 round tables able to seat 10 people each, accommodating a total of 150.
    • A 24-hour hold on the Conference Space is required. Space and must be locked nightly and opened in advance of attendee arrival for setup.
    • A small check-in area is outside of the meeting room with two registration tables is required.
    • Venue must disclose any construction or other events going on during the time we are considering our dates.
    • Music is played throughout each day and activities can be somewhat loud, please consider this with our room placement next to other groups or events.
    • Institute materials ship in advance directly to the venue. Shipping instructions/costs must be provided in advance.
    • Institute requires a room block of 20-30 easily accessible hotel sleeping rooms in close proximity to the venue, with the ability to increase the room block as needed.

    Tech Requirements

    • Projector and screen
      • Video output cord that is VGA, DVI or HDMI.
    • Microphones
      • Wireless lavaliere headset.
      • 1-2 wireless handheld microphones.
    • Sound
      • Speakers hooked into the mixing board for room sound.
      • 1/8” mini jack wired from mixing board that plugs into presenter’s computer
      • Mixing board to control sound levels of computer audio and microphones.
        • If mixing board is not manned by the tech support person, then the board needs to be wired near the presenter’s area in case they need to adjust.
    • Space for the Presenter's Computer
      • Must be wired with power, 1/8” sound hookup and the projector connection in the front of the room where they will be presenting.
    • Internet Connection
      • Ideal Internet connection - 40/40 fiber connection (40mpbs download) reliable password protected wifi or hardwired connection.
      • Minimum Internet connection - 10mbps download speed with a dedicated hard-wired ethernet connection.

    Daily Requirements

    • Catering Requirements
      • Coffee/Tea set up at 7:00 am each day.
      • Two water stations set up all day in meeting room.
      • Coffee/Tea again set up at 2:30 pm each day.
    • On-site Tech support person available during all event hours including setup. This person must be familiar with the audio setup (speakers, mixing board, all microphones), the internet setup and the projector and able to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues.
    • A venue representative must be available during all event hours to troubleshoot any problems with lights and temperature in the room