Vanessa Zara

Vanessa Zara

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor


Vanessa Zara has over fifteen years of experience in education. She learned about Conscious Discipline in 2007 and has spent eight years providing coaching and training to her organization. She has also organized and led Conscious Discipline workshops for educators and parents.

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Vanessa has worked in education for over fifteen years. She has worked as a group leader and now headmaster of an afterschool program for pre-teens. For the last eight years, she has provided Conscious Discipline coaching and training to parents, educators, and others in her organization.

When she learned about Conscious Discipline at a workshop in 2007, Vanessa was looking for a better way to manage challenging behaviors. After that workshop, she knew she had found it. Vanessa began implementing Conscious Discipline in her program and soon noticed her students becoming more compassionate individuals. They were also more aware of their choices and responsibilities.

From the start, Vanessa’s husband and two sons noticed the positive transformation Vanessa herself experienced through Conscious Discipline. They encouraged Vanessa’s practice and even went to Conscious Discipline training themselves. As a result, the family reached a greater level of connection, communication, and collaboration.

After seeing these great results in her own life, Vanessa didn’t want to keep Conscious Discipline to herself. She decided to share and help other parents and educators give their best selves to children. Vanessa volunteered to help at Conscious Discipline workshops in Aruba, eventually becoming a table leader. She learned as much information about Conscious Discipline as she could and now trains and coaches teachers and parents. Vanessa is passionate about continuing to spread Conscious Discipline through her informative, inspiring workshops and training sessions.



    Vanessa has worked as a headmaster and group leader of an afterschool care program for pre-teens. For eight years, she has providing Conscious Discipline coaching and training to others in her organization, in addition to leading workshops for other educators and parents.


    Vanessa specializes in working with administrators, infant/toddler teachers, and preschool and elementary school teachers. She provides classroom coaching and trains/coaches teachers and parents.


    Vanessa is an International Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor.


    Vanessa graduated from the Association Promoting the Study of Pedagogy in Utrecht.