Jenny Barkac

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Billings, Montana

Jenny Barkac has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She has been in the education field for over 25 years as a teacher of Infant and Toddlers, Preschool, Behavior Interventionist, K-6, and is an Adjunct Professor teaching a Behavior Management Course using Conscious Discipline.

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Jenny is a passionate teacher who views problem behavior as a skill deficit in the same way that math and reading are used as skills in prevention strategies that can be used in daily routines. Her passion is designing behavior interventions that teach missing skills so that problem behavior can be changed.

Jenny’s specialty areas include Head Start teachers, Pre-K teachers, Elementary teachers, Behavior Interventionists as well as before and after school care and parents.  Administrative and classroom coaching has been a successful approach that schools have valued and contributed as the reason for their positive school climate.

As a trainer, Jenny is energetic and uses personal experiences to illustrate how changing your perception of misbehavior will change the approach used to solve the problem. Her inspiring workshops provide an opportunity to develop a healthy approach to managing problem behavior while increasing the effectiveness of instructional strategies.

Jenny Provides training on a National and State level for School Districts, Early Childhood Programs and Parent Workshops.



    Jenny’s 25 years of teaching includes pre-K – grade 6, staff support as a behavior interventionist and an adjunct professor at the University. She also owned an infant and toddler program for 13 years.


    Jenny specializes in elementary teachers and administrators, ages 3-5,  preschool/childcare/pre-K/K, before/after school care teachers and parents and behavioral intervention.


    Jenny is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, Infant/Toddler Trainer and holds her CLASS Reliable Certification.



    Jenny has earned a BA in Elementary Education, Early Childhood MA, Curriculum Instruction MA and a Doctorate of Education ABD.