Real Talk for Real Teachers with Dr. Becky Bailey and special guest Tiffany Taylor

Episode Summary

Do you dread Monday mornings after your students have been home for the weekend or long holiday break?  Have you noticed some children seem to ramp up their behaviors as Friday dismissal time approaches?  What is it about saying good-bye for the weekend and hello on Monday that presents a challenge for some students?

Leaving the school family on Friday afternoons and re-joining on Monday mornings is often difficult for children, especially children who have experienced trauma. We can relate to these children on some level as we have all had difficult hellos and good-byes in our lives.  As adults we build defenses to distract us from that inner pain, children show us with their hurtful and disruptive behavior in the classroom.

In this episode, we will learn strategies for reaching and building relationships with children and their families transforming both the home life and the life of the classroom.  Listen in as longtime Kindergarten teacher and two-time Teacher of the Year Tiffany Taylor shares how to ease the pain of difficult good-byes on Friday afternoons and challenging hellos on Monday mornings.

Essential Takeaways

  • Children who have experienced trauma have difficulties with hello and good-byes. Through consciously creating meaningful rituals around hello and good-bye routines in the classroom, teachers can ease the pain of these difficult moments and provide connections that carry them through the weekends.

Steps for Tomorrow

  • Have hello and good-bye rituals
  • Create flexibility in arrival and departure routines
  • Teacher self-care so you can remain calm during difficult times
  • Use visuals for routines so children can see the information

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Show Outline

  • :23 What is Conscious Discipline
  • 1:09 Monday Madness – the impact of Hello and Good-bye
  • 3:20 Hello and Good-bye for children with trauma
  • 4:35 Introduction of guest Tiffany Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher
  • 6:42 Grand Avenue Learning Center
  • 8:13 Trends with student behavior on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings
  • 9:28 Strategies for helping students re-enter the school family on Mondays
  • 12:53 When children chronically struggle with re-entry on Monday mornings
  • 14:44 Monday morning behaviors and strategies to support children who struggle
  • 17:30 Friday afternoon behaviors and strategies to support children through good-byes
  • 20:31 Steps for tomorrow: Hello and good-bye rituals and what to watch for
  • 24:21 Create flexible arrival and departure routines
  • 25:16 Teacher self-care
  • 25:46 Use visual images for routines
  • 26:35 Rituals of hello and good-bye for adults

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