Dinah Schaller

Dinah Schaller

Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor

Davison, Michigan

Dinah Lee Schaller is a Licensed Master of Social Worker who partners with schools, childcare centers and educational institutions to help them develop a positive culture and climate with the use of Conscious Discipline. After spending nearly two decades in education, consultation and classroom coaching, Dinah knows what truly drives the development of a highly effective positive culture and climate for all learners and all staff. Dinah accomplishes this by connecting with the heart-beating staff and students that she is trying to help by sharing her diverse personal and professional experience by working within educational institutions in Michigan.

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Dinah has worked as the Director of Student Services and Special Education at Genesee School District. In this position she has helped the Jr. /Sr. High School implement Conscious Discipline with fidelity to create a safe, connected School Family® where all students can learn. The implementation of Conscious Discipline has allowed the discipline incidents which were at an all-time high of 1,300 in 2013 to 500 in 2017. This accomplishment is directly related to the staff learning skills which in turn helped students learn the skills of self-regulation. Since Dinah has been certified as a Conscious Discipline Instructor©, she has been able to work with three childcare centers and four school districts to support their journey with Conscious Discipline.

In addition to her extensive experience within the education system, Dinah is an adoptive mother of four children and one grandchild who she has shared the gift of Conscious Discipline with as a parent. Dinah’s own personal and transformational experience with Conscious Discipline has led to her becoming a CDCI© and wanting to share this powerful, life changing process with others.

Dinah holds a MSW in Social Work from the University of Michigan and holds a CAC from California State University, Dominguez Hills.



    Dinah’s experience includes school social worker, dean of students, director of special education, and working with children and families impacted by the Flint Water Crisis.  


    Dinah specializes in working with administrators, pre-school through grade 12, and special education teachers and students. She has Implemented Conscious Discipline with K-12 special education team.


    Dinah is a Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor, a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor and a Licensed Master Social Worker.


    Dinah holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan.